Fibreglass Roofing

Fibreglass Covered Coping Stones and Parapets

A Cheltenham house, split into flats and a shop, that has suffered years of damp in the upper flat

Construction: Crown Construction Solutions

Introduction: The client was very specific about the damp issues within the upper flat and it was easy to see why when we climbed out on to the roof. The coping stones were badly fitted; they had also been fitted flush with the wall allowing for zero overhang; the weather had slowly caused the parapet walls render to fail; cracks had appeared along the entire length of the coping stones; finally, behind the chimney the narrow coping stone had cracked and had been allowing water in for years. You probably now understand why there was an issue

Solution: Fibreglass Roofing – the solution was to cover all the coping stones with Fibreglass which would provide many years protection for the exposed coping stones. Also, Fibreglass would cover the exposed parapet walls so that further weather protection was provided. The system used was the Scott Bader fibreglass system which is the market leader in terms of the resins it provides and the quality of the trims supplied. The local roofing outlet did try and provide us with the standard fibreglass system which we refused because it consists of only blended resins; Scott Bader manufactures virgin resins only which means the quality is far superior and will last many more years.

Please see the pictures provided. As you can see we provided full roof protection so that no slates were damaged during fitting.