Basement Conversions

Basement Conversion Using Triton Systems

Erol is a qualified installer of Triton Systems. He uses the Cavity Drain System especially designed for basement conversions. This system would allow you to convert a dark and damp basement into part of your home. Don’t be put off by limited head room because we can dig down further to provide adequate ceiling height. With the right structural design we can also provide enough room for your underfloor heating.

Cavity Drain Systems

  • Type C Drained Protection in accordance with BS8102 (2009)
  • Suitable for existing, retrofit and new build projects
  • Quick and easy to install with minimal surface preparation required
  • Tough, studded HDPE and PP sheets for internal and external use
  • Sympathetic to heritage buildings and in conservation projects

If you have a potential (damp) project that you would like to discuss then do call to arrange a meeting onsite. At this initial meeting we would like to understand your requirements and discuss how the Triton products would be used in your project.

Triton Systems Fit Out

Triton Systems - Kitchen London

We look forward to hearing from you – further information is available by following the link.

Tom and Erol

TATA Steel – Crown are now trained installers…

TATA Steel has been offering a zinc roof replacement product for many years and only recently have architects, designers and homeowners become more aware that this cost effective alternative has become available. Here are some details to help you understand more about the product:

Key features

  • Matt colour range specifically designed for the urban fabric
  • Stable colour ensures an aesthetic of consistent, even shade
  • BBA certified in excess of 40 years
  • Quick fit system, for reduced on site fixing times
  • Can be laid vertically down to a pitch of 5 degrees
  • Standard panel widths of 514mm for roofs under 4 storeys in height, encountering wind speeds under 25Vs
  • Narrow 305mm panels used in areas receiving high winds and for roofs pitched 4 storeys or higher
  • Simple integration of renewable technologies, helping achieve forthcoming legislation
  • Short lead-time on all standard orders


Short Lead Time Delivery

On standard orders*, Colorcoat Urban® works to a 3 week lead time from receipt of order/payment.

Note:  *Standard colour range, of 0.7 mm gauge material and slit from a 1250mm wide parent coil

Maintenance free

Comprehensive guarantee is available providing peace of mind for your roof, zero maintenance required.

40 year Agrément Certificate

The long-term performance of Colorcoat® has been recognised by the BBA as a “coating and metal treatment that will protect for a period in excess of 40 years in normal urban, suburban and rural environments.”

“Colorcoat Urban® is the sustainable product of choice for the urban building”.


Contact Crown Construction Solutions directly or you can talk to Gordon at TATA Steel specifically about this product; the choice is yours.

Gordon Crichton
Business Development Manager
Colorcoat Urban®
United Kingdom

T 01244 892455
T Mob 07736 899592