Cotswold Stone Roof


An old South Cerney barn has been given a new Cotswold stone roof to ensure it remains waterproof for the next 100 years.  John, our third generation Cotswold stone roofer, has completely transformed a tired stone roof into a stunning work of art.  Many of the stones have been re-used and, combined with new weathered stones, they form a fantastic match to the original barn.  Looking at the pictures, you can see the stones are aligned across the span of the roof and if you have a keen eye for detail, you’ll notice that there are no lead valleys (which is the typical approach) and instead John’s level of craftsmanship has provided beautiful swept valleys.

Cotswold Stone Roof 1

Cotswold Stone Roof 3Cotswold Stone Roof 4Cotswold Stone Roof 5DSC_0484 (1) DSC_0488 DSC_0489

A Fibreglass Solution…

A Cheltenham house, split into flats and a shop, has suffered years of damp in the upper flat. The solution, recommended by the Crown Construction Solutions team, involved covering the coping stone and parapets with fibreglass to stop further water penetration.

Introduction: The client was very specific about the damp issues within the upper flat and it was easy to see why when we climbed out on to the roof. The coping stones were badly fitted; they had also been fitted flush with the wall allowing for zero overhang; the weather had slowly caused the parapet walls render to fail; cracks had appeared along the entire length of the coping stones; finally, behind the chimney the narrow coping stone had cracked and had been allowing water in for years. You probably now understand why there was an issue

Solution: Fibreglass Roof Repair – the solution was to cover all the coping stones with Fibreglass which would provide many years protection for the exposed coping stones. Also, Fibreglass would cover the exposed parapet walls so that further weather protection was provided. The system used was the Scott Bader fibreglass system which is the market leader in terms of the resins it provides and the quality of the trims supplied. The local roofing outlet did try and provide us with the standard fibreglass system which we refused because it consists of only blended resins; Scott Bader manufactures virgin resins only which means the quality is far superior and will last many more years.

Please see the pictures provided in the Projects section of the website. As you can see we provided full roof protection so that no slates were damaged during fitting.

Kemper System

Kemper System – Liquid Roofing at its Best

The team have been training again this week, this time for a range of liquid roofing system products by Kemper System. This product range is amazing because it allows only trained installers, like ourselves, to create a new roof covering directly over the existing. This has real benefits in terms of cost for the client but also means that no expensive scaffolding is required because the building is not at any stage exposed to the elements. The liquid is self-terminating which means that roof repairs are easy to carry out because the product forms an extremely strong bond with the existing system and thus requires no flashing or outer edge sealant.

This product has a long reputation for quality and durability. It has been used on the VW factory in Germany and since it was installed 38 years ago has not been touched since. It can also be found on the Empire State building, the Liver building in Liverpool and Gherkin building in London. All these buildings present extreme challenges for the product and yet after many years it provides a strong, durable and waterproof covering.

The benefits of this commercial and domestic product are as follows:

  • Installed only by manufacturer trained contractors
  • Tear resistant and covers cracks up to 2mm
  • Water vapour permeable allowing trapped moisture to escape
  • Allows old roof repair without removal
  • UV resistant
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Root resistant for green roof systems
  • Allows old roof repair without removal
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, petrol and oil
  • 30-year proven performance
  • High tear-resistance
  • Fully fleece-reinforced
  • Adheres to almost all substrates
  • Can be walked on
  • A seamless, light-weight membrane
  • Resistant to flying sparks and radiated heat
  • Weather resistant after 30 minutes

if you have a project that you feel would benefit from the Kemper System then as approved contractors we are able to offer a free manufacturer roof survey for every roof we install.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your project.

Tom and Erol





Basement Conversions

Basement Conversion Using Triton Systems

Erol is a qualified installer of Triton Systems. He uses the Cavity Drain System especially designed for basement conversions. This system would allow you to convert a dark and damp basement into part of your home. Don’t be put off by limited head room because we can dig down further to provide adequate ceiling height. With the right structural design we can also provide enough room for your underfloor heating.

Cavity Drain Systems

  • Type C Drained Protection in accordance with BS8102 (2009)
  • Suitable for existing, retrofit and new build projects
  • Quick and easy to install with minimal surface preparation required
  • Tough, studded HDPE and PP sheets for internal and external use
  • Sympathetic to heritage buildings and in conservation projects

If you have a potential (damp) project that you would like to discuss then do call to arrange a meeting onsite. At this initial meeting we would like to understand your requirements and discuss how the Triton products would be used in your project.

Triton Systems Fit Out

Triton Systems - Kitchen London

We look forward to hearing from you – further information is available by following the link.

Tom and Erol

TATA Steel – Crown are now trained installers…

TATA Steel has been offering a zinc roof replacement product for many years and only recently have architects, designers and homeowners become more aware that this cost effective alternative has become available. Here are some details to help you understand more about the product:

Key features

  • Matt colour range specifically designed for the urban fabric
  • Stable colour ensures an aesthetic of consistent, even shade
  • BBA certified in excess of 40 years
  • Quick fit system, for reduced on site fixing times
  • Can be laid vertically down to a pitch of 5 degrees
  • Standard panel widths of 514mm for roofs under 4 storeys in height, encountering wind speeds under 25Vs
  • Narrow 305mm panels used in areas receiving high winds and for roofs pitched 4 storeys or higher
  • Simple integration of renewable technologies, helping achieve forthcoming legislation
  • Short lead-time on all standard orders


Short Lead Time Delivery

On standard orders*, Colorcoat Urban® works to a 3 week lead time from receipt of order/payment.

Note:  *Standard colour range, of 0.7 mm gauge material and slit from a 1250mm wide parent coil

Maintenance free

Comprehensive guarantee is available providing peace of mind for your roof, zero maintenance required.

40 year Agrément Certificate

The long-term performance of Colorcoat® has been recognised by the BBA as a “coating and metal treatment that will protect for a period in excess of 40 years in normal urban, suburban and rural environments.”

“Colorcoat Urban® is the sustainable product of choice for the urban building”.


Contact Crown Construction Solutions directly or you can talk to Gordon at TATA Steel specifically about this product; the choice is yours.

Gordon Crichton
Business Development Manager
Colorcoat Urban®
United Kingdom

T 01244 892455
T Mob 07736 899592

St John’s Church

St John’s historic (GRADE 1 LISTED) Church, in Bromsgrove, has had a new roof made from fibreglass because thieves kept stealing the lead – a shocking seven times in just six months. A sad reflection of today’s society but one that is common especially on ancient buildings where there is limited occupation of the building each week. Fibreglass was chosen to ensure the building’s long-term future especially as the existence of this building dates back to the 11th Century. To replace the same area in lead would have cost the church £500,000 and leave the building vulnerable to further attacks, even with the aid of sophisticated anti-theft deterrents. It was decided, after gaining permission from the Chancellor of the Diocese, one of the highest legal authorities in the country on ancient buildings, to use fibreglass for the repairs, which will cost around £70,000.



The picture provides a view of the damage to such an important ancient building. The fibreglass has now been fitted and ensures a leak free roof for many years plus once installed the fibreglass has zero value for thieves.

The Benefits of Fibreglass

Benefits of fibreglass roofs

  • First of all, fibreglass is a very tough, robust material that can be laid without any seams;
  • It is also has very little intrinsic value if removed, deterring thieves;
  • The strength of fibreglass makes it extremely durable, with roofs fitted today lasting as long as 20 to 30 years;
  • This is mainly due to its ability to ward off wet and windy weather that easily attacks felt and bitumen roofs, therefore protecting your home from any irritating leaks – making it a weatherproof, dependable option too;
  • Fibreglass can also be easily repaired, extended or replaced if needs be; a simple gel resin applied with a paint gun can offer extra protection for an extensive period of time, while applying acrylic paint to the surface of your fibreglass roof can also help it last longer;
  • Fibreglass is a lightweight material and will not add weight to your roof structure;
  • The strength of fibreglass also allows it to be laid on flat roofs and then tiled over and used as a roof garden or upstairs patio/balcony area. Sarah Beany recently reported that a roof terrace or balcony would add 2% of value to your current house price;
  • Finally, you might think fibreglass is a dull and lifeless looking material, but that is simply no longer the case; fibreglass now comes in a variety of colours and surface textures for you to choose from, making it a very versatile roofing option.